Virat Kohli remembers his old love, this love letter is going viral on social media


New Delhi: Team India has to face New Zealand in the final of the World Test Championship after a few days from now. Captain Virat Kohli’s team is sweating heavily for this big match. Virat is in England with his entire family. Meanwhile, Virat has written a love letter on social media for his old love.

Virat Kohli wrote love letter

Virat Kohli recently shared a love letter on Instagram. This letter has been written by Kohli expressing his love for potatoes. In this letter, he wrote, ‘My dear Potato, I am writing this letter to you because I have realized that my love is true for you. I still remember our first meeting. The day I saw you in potato paratha. I still remember that I used to bring you to the grocery store as a true fan. I remember the day when I used to meet you in the theater and used to hold you in my hand and you were covered in red ketchup.

Virat Kohli further said, ‘I have now come to know that life is incomplete without you like cabbage without potatoes. Peas used to be cute with you. Ever since you are gone, cumin is also incomplete and life has faded. Aloo I am missing our spicy time. The story is incomplete because love never ends.

Virat left everything for fitness

Actually Virat Kohli has written this letter remembering potatoes. Let us tell you that Virat is very serious about his fitness, due to which he has stopped eating many things. Potato is also one in this. Apart from this, Virat has also given up eating chicken, biryani and junk food.


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