Virat Kohli to be Rohit Sharma’s opening partner in T20 World Cup? Captain gave this answer


Pune: In the fifth and deciding T20 match against England, captain Virat Kohli decided to open with Rohit Sharma, which proved to be a hit. Rohit Sharma was batting fast, while Virat Kohli was giving him more and more strikes by giving him a single. After this, many cricket experts advised Virat Kohli to open.

What did Kohli say about the opening?

Virat Kohli has responded to the opening with Rohit Sharma in the T20 World Cup. Kohli has said that there is no ‘guarantee’ that he will go to the opening with Rohit Sharma in the T20 World Cup. Virat Kohli said, ‘As Rohit Sharma said it was a strategic decision, but yes, we like to bat together, we like to form partnerships. The effect of batting with us also showed.

No guarantee of opening

Indian captain Virat Kohli said, “There is no guarantee that this will continue in future also.” The ODI series between India and England is starting from today. Before the ODI series, Kohli said that Shikhar Dhawan will start the innings with Rohit in the first ODI. He said that this series will serve as a preparation for the T20 World Cup. Kohli said, ‘As far as the opening batting in ODIs is concerned, Shikhar and Rohit will definitely start the innings. When it comes to ODI cricket, I do not think there is any problem or doubt about Rohit and Shikhar playing together.


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