Virender Sehwag became emotional after seeing a woman cooking with an oxygen cylinder, then won everyone’s heart


New Delhi: India is currently badly affected by the second wave of Corona Virus. Millions of people are getting infected by this epidemic in the country, while thousands of people are losing their lives due to this. The sports world is helping needy people at their level from time to time. Meanwhile, Team India’s former opener Virender Sehwag has also done a heart-winning job.

Woman was cooking with oxygen

A photo is getting viral on social media these days. In this photo, a woman is cooking for her family with the support of oxygen. Sehwag (Virender Sehwag) has also given his reply on this photo. Sehwag said in a tweet that seeing this photo, he has tears in his eyes. Sehwag has requested the public to contact the woman directly by sending a message directly to them. Sehwag says that he will provide food to the woman and family until she is cured.

Sehwag became emotional

Sehwag (Virender Sehwag) tweeted for this woman, writing, ‘Mother is mother. Tears came in my eyes. We are also overwhelmed with many calls to the oxygen concentrator in Delhi which we are providing on a need basis. We are trying as much as possible. If you need, please send WhatsApp message. Please tell that Sehwag has also shared a WhatsApp number in this tweet.

Fans also saluted

Seeing this generous behavior of Sehwag (Sehwag), the heart of his fans has also melted. Fans are praising Sehwag’s tweet. People are constantly reacting differently on social media.


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