Waiting clocks are over, 2 new teams will join IPL soon, auction will be held on this day


New Delhi: IPL is going to be even more bang from next year because in 2022, 2 new teams will be seen playing in this mega T20 league of India. Fans are eager to know when the auction will take place to acquire the new franchise. Now its date has also been revealed.

Auction dates announced

IPL 2022 will be played with 10 teams instead of 8. The bidding for both the new teams will take place on October 17. It is worth noting that from October 17, the T20 World Cup is also starting in UAE and Oman. And maybe the bidding is in Dubai or Muscat.

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Bidding on October 17th

Interestingly, the last day for the teams to get information about the bidding is September 21, while the bids can be selected till October 5. Speaking to news agency ANI, sources said, “The bidding is to be held on October 17, while inquiries can be made till September 21.”

Preparation of 2 new teams

The IPL Governing Council on August 31 invited bids to acquire the ownership and operating rights of one of the two new teams proposed to take part in the tournament from 2022.

Base price Rs 2000 crore

A BCCI source had told PTI, “Any company can buy bidding documents by paying Rs 75 crore. Earlier, the base price of the two new teams was being considered at Rs 1700 crore, but now it has been decided to increase the base price to Rs 2000 crore.

rules for bidding

It has been learned that only companies having annual turnover of Rs 3000 crore or more will be allowed to participate in the auction process. “I think not more than 3 companies will be allowed to form a group, but if 3 companies want to come together and bid for a team, they are welcome to do so,” the source said.


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