Was Virat Kohli crazy about this female cricketer before Anushka Sharma? Arrived in the room to meet at five in the morning


New Delhi: Everyone is a fan of Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team. Virat Kohli is very popular not only in India but around the world. The story of former England cricketers Sarah Taylor and Virat Kohli has also been very popular. Today is Sara’s 32nd birthday. In 2014, Virat Kohli, who was on a tour of England, once reached Sara’s room at five in the morning to meet Sara.

How was the disclosure?

This was revealed by Kate Cross, partner of Sarah Taylor. Kate Cross tweeted a tweet in which she tagged Sarah Taylor, saying, ‘Five years ago, when Virat Kohli wanted to meet you.’ With this tweet, Cross has also shared a photo of Kohli, in which he is seen smiling with English women cricketers.

Kohli reached Sara’s room at five in the morning

According to Kate Cross, a female cricketer from England, Virat Kohli himself reached her room at five in the morning to meet Sarah Taylor. Sarah Taylor responded to Kate Cross’s tweet, saying, “I have never received such a wakeup call until today when I am called for a breakfast at five in the morning”. In this picture of Cross, Virat Kohli is seen with Sarah Taylor and Cross.

Kohli is Sara’s favorite cricketer

Please tell that for England, Sarah Taylor scored 4056 runs in 126 ODIs, 2177 runs in 90 T20s and 300 runs in 10 Tests. In all three formats, he took 232 wickets as a wicketkeeper, which is a record. But due to stress in 2019, Sara said goodbye to her cricketing career. In an interview, Sarah Taylor said that Virat Kohli is her favorite cricketer.


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