What happened that made Dhoni retire? Shocking revelation of retirement day


New Delhi: Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni surprised the cricket world by abruptly retiring on 15 August 2020 last year. Dhoni is one of the most successful captains of India. Dhoni has won more than one ICC trophy in his captaincy career. What happened on the day of retirement, due to which Dhoni took retirement. This has been disclosed by the player who played for Chennai Super Kings with Dhoni.

Dhoni gave many historic moments to the Indian team

Mahendra Singh Dhoni took over the captaincy of the Indian team in the year 2008. When Dhoni took over the captaincy of the team, he had many challenges. Like giving opportunities to the youth and building the team for the future. While facing all those challenges, Dhoni gave many historic moments to the Indian team. India has won two World Cups under Dhoni’s captaincy.

Shocking revelation of Dhoni’s retirement day

Young opener Rituraj Gaikwad, who played for Chennai Super Kings under Dhoni’s captaincy in IPL, has made a shocking disclosure of Dhoni’s retirement day. Rituraj Gaikwad told that on the day of retirement, Dhoni did not even let him know about his retirement.

August 15th was like the rest of the day

Rituraj Gaikwad said, ‘That day we were about to leave for Dubai, just before that 10 to 15 players were practicing with Dhoni in Chennai, but no one even noticed. That day of 15th August was as normal as the rest of the days. Gaikwad said, ‘It took me two-three days to understand that now we will not be able to see Dhoni playing in international cricket.’

Dhoni didn’t even notice

Rituraj said, ‘I came to know about Dhoni’s retirement only through social media, like other players of CSK. The team practice ended around 6.30 pm and around 7 pm everyone except Mahi Bhai sat down for dinner. Then someone told me on Instagram that Dhoni has announced his retirement.

Captured all three ICC titles

Under Dhoni’s captaincy, India has won the title of ICC World T20 (2007), Cricket World Cup (2011) and ICC Champions Trophy (2013). Apart from this, India became number one in Tests for the first time in 2009. In December 2014, Dhoni suddenly announced his retirement from Test cricket. Dhoni also said goodbye to ODI and T20 captaincy in the same manner in the beginning of the year 2017, for which he is known.


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