When Team India was heavy on Pakistan in the first Super over of T20 World Cup

new Delhi: The matches between India and Pakistan on the playground have always been exciting. But the matter of matches between these two countries on the cricket field has been different. Even if the match is being held in the World Cup, from the players of both the countries to the sports lovers sitting outside the field, the mutual struggle remains at the peak. In such a situation, what would have been the thrill when the first tie match of the history of T20 Cricket World Cup was played between these two countries?

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In the 2007 T20 World Cup, on the same day of September 14, played on the ground of Durban in South Africa, Team India had beaten Pakistan in the Super Over and also maintained that they never lost to Pakistan in the World Cup tournament. Record. Let us tell you about that exciting match and the best strategy adopted by captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) to win it.

Both teams had reached Super-8
Both India and Pakistan had reached the World Cup Super-8. In such a situation, the win-loss of this match was not going to make any difference. But both teams knew that for cricket lovers in their country, this World Cup final will be the match. In such a situation, winning in this match meant that the spirits were high for the future. Due to this, both teams were expected to play full time.

Team India was demolished on Asif’s bowling
Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq won the toss in that match and gave India the first batting. Fast bowler Mohammad Asif sent Gautam Gambhir off his own ball in the first over and sent it back to zero. On the very first ball of Asif’s next over, there was a panic when the explosive batsman Virender Sehwag missed the swing of the ball and his off stump was uprooted.

Team India’s score was 2 wickets for 9 runs. Asif did not stop here and he also sent back Yuvraj Singh (YUvraj Singh) in his next over and Dinesh Karthik (Dinesh Karthik) in the next over. Asif’s 4 overs were completed. But he had done his work by taking 4 wickets for 18 runs. Team India’s score was 4 wickets for 36 runs.

Uthappa became a troubleshooter, Dhoni supported
After Asif’s lethal bowling, Robin Uthappa became Team India’s troubleshooter and he was supported by Dhoni at the other end. Both quickly added 46 runs in 5 overs. Uthappa was dismissed by Sohail Tanvir on a team score of 82 runs, but by then he had done his job by scoring 50 off 39 balls. Dhoni then added 29 runs with Irfan Pathan. Dhoni scored 33 runs in 31 balls, while Pathan scored 20 runs off 15 balls. Ajit Agarkar added 14 runs in 9 balls in the last over. In the end, the team’s score was 141 for 9 wickets.

Sreesanth tied the match with superb bowling
Pakistan too had lost their 4 wickets for just 47 runs at one time, but their captain, Missbah, single-handedly took Pakistan to victory. Dhoni last over Handed over to Sreesanth. Pakistan needed 12 runs to win. Yasir Arafat scored 1 run on the first ball. The strike was now with Misbah, he took 2 runs off the next ball after hitting a four. There were 5 runs left in the next 3 balls. On the fourth ball, Misbah again hit a four. The match was over for the spectators, but not for Dhoni.

Dhoni made a slight change in fielding and then spoke to Sreesanth. The next ball was emptied by Sreesanth. Now the thrill was over the head. One run was required in one ball. Under pressure, Misbah hit the last ball into cover and ran for a run. Yuvraj picked up the ball fast and threw it to Sreesanth and Misbah was run out. Pakistan’s score was 141 runs for 7 wickets and with this, the first tie match of T20 World Cup history had been done. Misbah scored 53 runs in 35 balls.

Pakistan was celebrating the celebration, Team India was practicing
Pakistan team was celebrating after the match tie. In fact, his coach had forgotten the super over rules and the Pakistan team was considering itself as the winner on the basis of losing fewer wickets. Team India, on the other hand, was practicing throwing super overs with wickets.

Every cricket lover watching the IPL is well aware of the rules of super over. But this rule, which allowed batsmen on both sides to play 1-1 overs when the match was tied, was not so before the start of IPL. Then instead of batting in the super over, bowling was done on empty stumps and the team with more wickets would win. It was called ‘ball out’ instead of super over. Team India was practicing this.

Dhoni’s stakes surprised in Super over
For the first time, Dhoni surprised the world with this super over for his amazing decisions. While Pakistan fielded regular bowlers like Shahid Afridi, Yasir Arafat, Umar Gul, Dhoni along with Harbhajan Singh (Harbhajan Singh) and Virender Sehwag and Robin Uthappa from India. Stunned everyone by bowling out. But this bet worked. All three bowlers dropped wickets for India, but Pakistan’s legendary bowler missed.

It was like a ball out
First Sehwag bowled the ball and aimed straight at the wicket. In response, Pakistan’s Yasir Arafat threw a fulltoss, which went over the stumps. The next turn was of Harbhajan. Harbhajan’s ball also uprooted the stumps and his reaction was as if he had scored a penalty in football. Umar Gul tried to bowl straight from the short runup, but he also missed. The score was 2–0.

The next bowler was Robin Uthappa. He also hit the ball straight on the stump and bowed his cap and greeted the audience in his style. Pakistan now had to hit the next three balls at stumps, but Afridi also missed and India won the ball out 3–0.

Venkatesh Prasad was practicing daily
The secret of winning in the ball out was later revealed by Uthappa in an interview. He had told that during the start of the World Cup, the rule of ball out was discussed the most in the team meeting. After this, during daily practice, bowling coach Venkatesh Prasad started to compete with the ‘ball out’ between the bowlers and batsmen instead of playing football. In this, I, Sehwag and Rohit Sharma often targeted right. This practice came in handy against Pakistan.


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