When the last gold medal of 100% gold was given in the Olympics


New Delhi: There are only a few days left for the Tokyo Olympics to begin. From July 23, the world’s largest sports event will begin in the capital of Japan. Today we are taking you back 109 years in history, when the Olympics was very different. Let’s know some very interesting things about Stockholm Olympics

Only 28 countries took part

In 1912, the 5th Olympic Games were held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. About 2,400 athletes represented 28 countries this year, including 48 female athletes who competed in 102 events across 14 sports.

Players from all five continents included

For the first time in the Stockholm Olympics 1912, players from all five continents came to participate in this Khel Mahakumbh, which is a symbol of the Olympic ring. Automator time tracking machines and ‘photo finish’ were introduced for track events in these Olympics itself.

Wrestling lasted for 11 hours

The semifinal match of the middleweight wrestling between Finland’s Alfred Asikinen and Martin Klein of Russia lasted more than 11 hours. Klein won in the end but was too tired to participate in the championship match so he had to be content with the silver medal.

Many events happened for the first time

The course for the Cycling Road Race was 320 km, the longest distance for any race in Olympic history. * Art events, women’s diving, women’s swimming and decathlon and pentathlon were organized for the first time in these games.

Last time got real gold gold medal

In the Stockholm Olympics 1912, the player who came last for the last time was given a gold medal of 100 percent gold. After this this practice ended forever. Now only gold water is offered on medals. As per the IOC guidelines, the gold medal should contain at least 6 grams of gold. But in reality the medal has a large part of silver. Gold is 1% in gold medal, silver is 92.5%, copper is 6.5%.


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