When today’s day was cut by Team India on the bench in the 2007 T20 World Cup


new Delhi. Indian cricket got a new color under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, this is known by everyone. Everyone also believes that this rejuvenation of Team India started with the T20 World Cup-2007, where the budding youth of Indian cricket won the world title by beating their country to their traditional rival Pakistan. But you know that in this World Cup changing the map of Indian cricket, the first match of Team India was played against Scotland on the same day of 13 September. But in this first match, instead of playing cricket, Team India had to be punished for sitting on the dressing room bench for hours.

It rained before the match
In fact, in this World Cup which started on September 11 on South African soil, there was a lot of rain before Team India’s inaugural match. Team India cricketers were very excited for this match against Scotland at Durban ground, because of Gautam Gambhir (GAUTAM GAMBHIR), Yuvraj Singh (YUVRAJ SINGH), Robin Uthappa and RP Singh (RP Singh). With this match, it was going to debut in this shortest version of cricket.

Scotland won the toss

A large number of spectators were present at the Durban Stadium to watch this match. Due to this, the organizers wanted to match in any way despite the rain. For this reason, the captains of both teams were called on the pitch and toss was also done. Captain Dhoni did not prove lucky in the toss and Scotland captain Ryan Watson won the toss and invited India to bat first. Now everyone had to wait for the match to start.

Water kept drying in the field, Team India “dried” on the bench
Drying of the ground started after the toss, but as much as the ground staff dried the ground, the rain again made it wet. During this time, the teams of Team India and Scotland sat on the benches in their respective dressing rooms and waited for the ground to dry up. Eventually after hours of effort the ground staff conceded defeat and the match was declared canceled. In this way, the first campaign in Team India’s T20 World Cup started poorly. It is a different thing that Dhoni’s leopard was so heavy on all the teams that the title trophy came to a standstill when he came directly to India.

This was just the second T20 International match for India
This was just the second T20 International match of the Indian cricket team. Earlier, the only time Team India played a T20 match against South Africa in Johannesburg on the 2006 tour, in which Team India made their strong debut in this shortest version of cricket by beating South Africa by 6 wickets with one ball remaining. was.


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