When will the ban on women playing cricket in Afghanistan be lifted? Big update surfaced


New Delhi: The Afghanistan Cricket Board is considering the participation of women in cricket. She shared the picture of women cricketers on Wednesday. ACB has posted a post on its official Twitter handle, in which a picture of 2 girls is seen playing cricket in the field. Which shows that the board is considering the participation of women’s cricket in the country.

ACB made a big gesture

Sharing this photo, ACB wrote, ‘Cricket not only promotes sports or entertainment in Afghanistan, but also serves as a source of inspiration for the young Afghan generation and also helps in ensuring unity and peace in the country. Plays an important role.

ICC can take a big decision

This picture of the ACB can also be a signal for the ICC working group which is ready to review the cricket activities after the recent change of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Is.

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Ban on women playing cricket

Recently, Afghanistan was ruled by the Taliban, after which many types of entertainment have been banned, including sports events. Women are not allowed to play any sports in this country. Although men are allowed to play cricket.

When will women’s cricket be allowed?

The new Director General for Sports of Afghanistan, Bashir Ahmad Rustamzai, was asked in September 2021 whether women would be allowed to participate in sports under his rule, he did not respond.


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