Which cricketer gets distracted by looking at the cheerleaders? Know Raina’s answer


New Delhi: Former India cricketer Suresh Raina arrived with his wife Priyanka Raina to attend ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Kapil guested both Mian Biwi very well. After this, Kapil put a series of questions on Suresh Raina in his familiar style. Sometimes fired a bouncer and sometimes threw a yorker. But the left-handed batsman also played every ball of his questions well like a seasoned cricketer.

Kapil Sharma asked Suresh Raina the most interesting question about the cheerleaders in his show. Kapil questioned which cricketer was the most distraught after watching the cheerleaders during IPL matches. This question was very complicated, so Raina handled this question very well and answered it differently.

Raina (Suresh Raina) answered this question with great beauty, saying that ‘the players do not look at the cheerleaders’. She only dances for the audience. Players watch them on the screen on the field for some time when they score fours, sixes or wickets. He said that ‘cheerleaders are for the audience. They have nothing to do with us. Our focus is simply on the match. We see them on TV when going for a toss or putting boundaries.

During the show, Kapil Sharma also questioned Raina’s wife, what reaction happens when she is sitting in the dressing room with wives of other players and someone’s husband is out on zero. Does she leave for shopping from there? On this, Priyanka Raina said that this does not happen but in every situation we support the team.

Please tell that Suresh Raina had retired from Indian cricket on August 15 this year along with former captain and his close friend and former captain MS Dhoni. Raina had also been in a lot of discussion about leaving the IPL and returning to India from Dubai due to personal reasons.


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