Who does Vamika look like between Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma? Kohli’s sister gave this answer


New Delhi: Vamika, daughter of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, remains in a lot of discussion among people. People are still waiting to catch a glimpse of Vamika. Meanwhile, many photos of Vamika came in front of the people, but her face was not seen in anyone. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what Vamika looks like.

People asked questions to Virat’s sister

There is a lot of excitement among people about whether Vamika’s face meets Virat or Anushka. Meanwhile, people started asking this question to Virat Kohli’s sister. Actually Virat’s sister Bhavna did an ask me anything session on Instagram. During this, people asked different types of questions. A fan asked this question that who does Vamika look like.

How does Vamika look?

That fan asked Bhavna if you have met Vamika. Who does she look like between Virat Kohli and Anushka? On this question, Virat’s sister said that yes, we have met Vamika, she is an angel. However, Bhavna kept the matter in suspense as to who she looked like. Accordingly, fans will have to wait a little longer to know about Vamika.

Vamika is in England with Virat-Anushka

Vamika is currently in England with her parents Anushka and Virat. Virat is preparing to play the final of the World Test Championship in England with Team India. Team India is going to face in this great match against New Zealand from 18th. After this match, India will play a 5-match Test series against England.


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