Why did the deadly spin pair break up with Kuldeep Yadav? Chahal told Hardik responsible


New Delhi: The leg-spinner of the Indian cricket team, Yuzvendra Chahal, has revealed why it broke after becoming such a lethal spin duo with Kuldeep Yadav. Kuldeep Yadav is currently running out of Team India. The performance of Yuzvendra Chahal too is nothing special these days. At one time, Kuldeep Yadav’s pairing with Yuzvendra Chahal proved to be superhit, but now these two spinners are unable to play together.

Chahal told Hardik Pandya responsible

Yuzvendra Chahal said in an interview to a private channel, ‘When me and Kuldeep used to play together, Hardik Pandya also used to play. In the year 2018, Hardik Pandya was injured and after that the team’s combination had deteriorated, but due to the absence of Hardik, the team had to feed an extra bowler and that is why later on we could not play together.

Yuzvendra Chahal gave an emotional statement

Leg-spinner of the Indian cricket team, Yuzvendra Chahal, said, ‘Team India is made up of 11 players and not the Kulcha pair. So if the team is winning by staying out of me then I will be equally happy, but I will not give up my hard work.

Dhoni’s pets Broken pair only

Please tell that once upon a time the pair of Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav were playing continuously for Team India and winning the match, but suddenly Kuldeep Yadav and now Yuzvendra Chahal were shown the way out. Please tell that after the retirement of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Kuldeep Yadav got very few opportunities to play in Team India. Kuldeep Yadav is disappointed for a long time due to very few opportunities. He was also seated on the bench during the IPL.



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