Why does Mohammed Siraj celebrate by keeping a finger on his lips after taking a wicket?


London: Team India’s fast bowler Mohammad Siraj is making a fuss in the field of England. Due to his brilliant bowling, he got rid of the sweat of the British. Whenever Siraj gets a wicket, he likes to celebrate in a special way.

Siraj celebrates like this

Team India’s pacer Mohammad Siraj is currently in excellent form. After taking a wicket, they celebrate by placing a finger on their lips. Behind his style lies the message of keeping the critics shut. Siraj celebrated in the same way even after taking 4 wickets in Lord’s Test.

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Why does Siraj keep a finger on his mouth?

When Mohammad Siraj was asked why he keeps a finger on his mouth after every wicket, he said, ‘These are for the critics who have been talking a lot about me. For example, if I cannot do this or cannot do that, then now my ball will answer them. This is my new way of celebrating.

‘English fans did not abuse’

On the third day of the second Test, the English fans present at the Lord’s Stadium threw the cork of the bottle at KL Rahul but Mohammad Siraj said that he was not aware of it. He said, ‘I did not see what happened but the audience did not abuse anyone.’

Siraj does not experiment much

Mohammad Siraj said that he is constantly emphasizing on good bowling. He said, ‘When I played Ranji Trophy for the first time, I had the same target. I don’t adopt too much experimentation strategy as it can affect my bowling and the performance of the team.


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