Why was IPL 2021 being played between Corona Virus as well? Kevin Pietersen did a big reveal


New Delhi: IPL 2021 was postponed a few days ago due to rising cases of Corona Virus in India. This big decision was taken after the players and staff members in this league were infected with Corona. In the midst of this league, questions were constantly being raised that why the IPL is not being stopped even after such bad conditions in the country.

Peterson unravels the secret

Meanwhile, former England captain Kevin Pietersen has now revealed why the IPL was not stopped even after the Corona outbreak in the country. Peterson wrote in his blog that it was a very positive decision to keep this big league running in the middle of Corona. Peterson wrote that in such bad conditions the IPL gives people a chance to entertain for 6 hours.

‘There was no option but to suspend’

Peterson further wrote that after the players and staff members were infected with the Corona virus, the BCCI had no option but to suspend this big league. Peterson said that there was increased pressure on the board. So it was better that the BCCI stopped it in the middle.

More than 4 lakh cases are coming every day

India is facing devastation caused by the second wave of corona epidemic and more than four lakh new cases of infections are being reported daily since last few days. This crisis has been aggravated by the lack of vital medicines and oxygen. Due to this, thousands of people are also losing their lives every day.


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