Will cricket be included in Olympic? ICC prepared the complete plan


New Delhi:The ICC is trying to include Cricket in Los Angeles in the 2028 Olympic Games. Under this link, he has counted the benefits of including these sports in the Olympics.

Audience will increase

The ICC believes that if cricket is included in the Los Angeles Olympics, then it may provide opportunities to increase viewership in the Indian subcontinent as cricket is given more importance than any other sport here. .

WC 2019 example

According to the ICC, the one-day World Cup in England in 2019 was watched by 54 million 50 million viewers. The ICC has prepared a proposal to include cricket in the Los Angeles Olympics. In which a large number of spectators have been asked to watch this tournament in 2019.

So many views during the world

The World Cup received 4.6 billion video views and was watched by 30 million viewers on YouTube. The ICC compared these figures to the 2016 Rio Olympics. He said, “The Rio Olympics was watched by 19 million viewers in India, while the 2019 Cricket World Cup was watched by 54 crore 50 lakh viewers.”

Former cricketers will support

ICC’s proposal to send cricket to the Los Angeles Olympics was bolstered when BCCI agreed to send its men and women teams to the 2028 Olympics last month. If cricket is included in it, former cricketers Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and former Australia captain Ricky Ponting will support this proposal of the ICC.

Cricket popular among youth

The ICC said, “The average age of the spectators of the Rio Olympics was 53 while 32 per cent of the 2019 World Cup spectators were between 18 and 32 years old and the average age of cricket fans is 34 years.” He also claimed that 39 percent of cricket fans are women.

‘Will benefit financially’

The ICC said that if cricket is included in the Olympics, then the US team can also participate in it as a participant. He said that 87 percent of the fans want to watch T20 cricket in the Olympics. The ICC is also confident that if cricket is included in the Olympics, new partners can be added to it and its member countries can also get financial benefits.

What was the result of the survey?

The ICC conducted a survey with its 92 member countries, with most countries stating that if cricket is permanently included in the Olympic Games, they will receive annual financial support from their government. Can.

‘Cricket in the Olympics’

According to the ICC, the survey results show that 74 percent of its members believe that if cricket is included in the Los Angeles Olympics, they will get financial support from their government, while 89 percent say that if cricket is permanently held in the Olympics If they become a part of sports, then they can get annual financial support.

Will the men’s and women’s teams be involved?

The ICC has 104 member countries with 12 full and 92 associate members. According to the ICC, if male and female cricket is included in the Los Angeles Olympics in T20 format, it can provide a lot of financial gain compared to the spectators. According to the ICC proposal, during the Los Angeles Olympics from July 21 to August 6, a T20 tournament will be held between the men and women teams, in which 8 teams will participate and a total of 16 matches will be held.

The problems are no less

However, cricket may face trouble to attend the Los Angeles Olympics as cricket is not part of the Olympic schedule at present and the Los Angeles Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will have to bring it as an additional sport. This is the only option for cricket as no other sports can be included for the Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The process will begin in 2022

The process of including the Games in the Los Angeles Olympics will begin in mid-2022. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will take a decision in mid-2023 on the LoC’s proposal to include the Games. Cricket can get a tough challenge from baseball and softball, which are quite popular sports in America. Before the Olympics, women’s T20 cricket will be held in the Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham in 2022, in which 8 teams will take part.


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