Will international cricketers now shoot with a bamboo bat? Important disclosure in research


London: If a batsman performs well in the game of cricket, then the credit for this not only goes to the skill of that player, but it is important to look at how great bat he is using. Do you know what kind of bat is used at international level.

‘Bamboo bat will be less expensive’

Cricket uses bats of Kashmir or English willow (a particular kind of tree wood), but a research at University of Cambridge, England has shown that bamboo balls are less expensive to use. And his ‘sweet spot’ will also be bigger. The sweet spot in the bat is slightly below the middle part but above the lowest part and the shot from here is strong.

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‘Bamboo bat better for yorker ball’

This research has been done by Darshil Shah and Ben Tinkler Davis. Shah told The Times, “It is easy to hit a yorker ball with a bamboo bat because it has a big sweet spot.” It is better for every type of shot, not just on the yorker.

‘Bamboo is more available’

According to the Guardian Newspaper, there is a problem with the supply of English willow. This tree takes about 15 years to be prepared and 15 to 30 percent of the wood gets wasted while making the bat. Shah believes that bamboo is cheap and available in large quantities. It grows fast and is also durable. Bamboo can be grown from its twigs and it takes 7 years to be fully prepared.

How will a bamboo bat be made?

He said, ‘Bamboo is also found in large quantities in countries like China, Japan, South America where cricket is now becoming popular.’ This study has been published in the magazine ‘Sports Engineering and Technology’. The pair of Shah and Davis revealed that they have a prototype of such a bat which has been made by sticking bamboo wood layer by layer.

What is the difference between the two bats?

According to the researchers, the bat made of bamboo was ‘much tighter and stronger than the bat made of willow’, although it is more likely to break. It also vibrates like a willow bat. Shah said, “It is heavier than the willow bat and we want to make some more changes in it.” The sweet spot of the bamboo bat is much larger, which stays at the bottom of the bat. “

Will ICC get permission?

According to ICC rules, although only the use of Willow bats is allowed in International Cricket at the moment, it remains to be seen whether bamboo bats can be allowed in future.


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