Will Virat Kohli bowl in the ICC WTC Final? Gestures are being received from this video


New Delhi: Team India captain Virat Kohli is famous all over the world for his excellent batting. When he comes to the crease to bat, fear strikes in the hearts of the opposition bowlers, but have you ever seen him bowling?

Kohli seen in bowling action

Virat Kohli is not famous for bowling, but on June 12, he was seen doing a special kind of bowling action. BCCI has posted a video from its official Twitter account in which King Kohli is throwing the ball to KL Rahul.

Preparation through intra squad match

The Indian cricket team played an intra-squad match in Southampton before the final of the ICC World Test Championship. It is being seen as a preparation before the real clash against New Zealand.

Kohli will become part time bowler

After this video, the question is arising that Team India captain Virat Kohli will be seen bowling against the Kiwi team? It is possible that during the Test match, he can become a part time bowler, so that full time bowlers can be given some rest.

Benefits of a part time bowler

Part time bowler This strategy can prove to be very effective against the New Zealand team. Because the opposition batsmen can make a mistake in understanding the ball of the new bowler, which can give India the necessary wicket. Apart from this, with some rest for the main bowlers, they can bowl effectively throughout the day.


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