WTC 2 will start with India-England Test series, will get so many points for winning every match


New Delhi: The International Cricket Council (ICC) will award 12 points for every match won during the second World Test Championship (WTC) cycle. The second cycle of the World Test Championship (WTC) will begin with a five-match Test series between India and England. In case of tie, both the teams will get six points while in case of draw, four points each. ICC interim CEO Geoff Allardyce, while talking to the media this month, said that the points system would be changed.

WTC 2 will start with India-England Test series

The ICC board member said, ‘Every match series used to have 120 points, whether it was a two-Test series or a five-Test series. Each match in the next round will have the same number of points – a maximum of 12 per match. The ranking of the teams will be decided on the basis of the percentage of points that the teams have scored by playing the match.

India will play 19 Tests in the second WTC cycle

Changes to the points system are to be approved at the ICC Chief Executives’ Committee meeting in the coming weeks. The board member said, “The goal is to try to simplify the points system and make a meaningful comparison of teams in any problem table, even if they have not played a different number of matches and series.” In the second WTC cycle, England will play the maximum number of 21 Tests, followed by India (19), Australia (18) and South Africa (15). Teams of New Zealand, West Indies and Sri Lanka will play 13 while Pakistan will play 14 Tests.


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