Yuvraj Singh is not celebrating his birthday this time, pain spills on father’s statement


new Delhi: Former all-rounder Yuvraj Singh (Yograj singh), the hero of victory in the ICC T20 World Cup in 2007 and then the ICC World Cup in 2011, is turning 39 on Saturday. However, this time Yuvraj is not celebrating his birthday. He has also disclosed the reasons for not celebrating the birthday.

Yuvraj wrote a special message for his fans on Twitter on birthday. He wrote, ‘Birthday is a chance to fulfill any wish or wish, but instead of celebrating birthday, I pray that the ongoing dialogue between our farmers and our government will give a solution to this issue.’ He said, “There is no doubt that farmers are the lifeline of India and I believe that there is no such problem that a peaceful dialogue cannot solve.”

Yuvraj also distanced himself from the controversial statements of his father Yograj Singh which he gave during the protest this week. He said, ‘Being a proud Indian, I am saddened and disappointed by the statements of Yograj Singh. I want to clarify that this is his personal opinion and I do not agree with his views.

Yuvraj said, ‘I urge everyone to take full caution amidst the corona virus epidemic. The epidemic is not yet gone and we have to take precaution to defeat it. He finally wrote, ‘Jai Jawan! Hail farmer! Jai Hind!’

Yuvraj retired in 2019. He played his last international match in 2017. Yuvi has played 308 ODIs, 58 T20 Internationals and 40 Test matches for India, in which he has scored 8701, 1177 and 1900 in order.

Significantly, a few days ago Yograj Singh arrived to support the Farmers Protest. During this, he also gave a speech, in which he forgot the dignity of the words. According to reports, he used the word traitor for Hindus. Yograj had said, ‘These are Hindu traitors, a hundred years of slavery of the Mughals’. Not only this, he also made a controversial statement about women, after which there was a lot of anger against him on social media. #ArrestYograjSingh was trending on Twitter.



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