53 million Facebook users’ phone numbers leaked via Telegram bot, information of 6 lakh Indian users also in danger ..

Facebook users’ phone numbers are reportedly being sold. A report claims that someone has stolen a database filled with Facebook users’ phone numbers and a Telegram bot is being used to sell the data. The person who disclosed this, says that the person running the bot has information about 533 million, or 53 million users. It also contains data of more than 6 lakh Indian users. This database was purportedly removed during a Facebook Security problem long ago. Facebook then fixed the problem in 2019.

Motherboard (Vice) reports that Alon Gal, a security researcher, has discovered that Facebook users’ phone numbers are being sold at Telegram. The seller has used the Telegram bot. The database was stolen during a security issue that Facebook had fixed in 2019. Please tell that the database also contains information of more than 6 lakh Indian users. Apart from this, many other countries are included, whose entire list has been shared via tweet.

Now comes the reason why Telegram bot is being used. The report says that if a person has another person’s Facebook user ID, they can find that person’s phone number, and vice versa, if they have that person’s phone number, they can use their Facebook user’s ID can be found. To unlock an information through the bot, a credit will be incurred, for which the person has to pay a price of $ 20, which is about 1,450 rupees in India. According to the report, the data is also being sold in bulk quantities, for which the cost of 10,000 credits is $ 5,000 i.e. approximately Rs 3,65,000.

Gal has also shared some screenshots. One of these shows that the bot was activated on January 12, 2021, but the database being sold is of 2019. However, it is clear that users do not change their phone number in Facebook for a long time. This also shows that Facebook has historically been collecting phone numbers of all other users, including users who have started two-factor authentication.

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