A crypto token named after the author of Lord of the Rings gets blocked

The name of the author of the famous film Lord of the Rings JRR Tolkien has been blocked by his family and his estate. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), based in Geneva, Switzerland, has ruled that the domain recently created by US developer Matthew Jensen in the author’s name is identical to a trademark owned by the Tolkien estate. Because of this, WIPO has banned Jensen from using it.

According to Law360, Jensen has paid legal costs to the estate. In addition, Tolkien Estate has acquired the domain name as well as the social media accounts associated with the crypto token. JRR Token was launched in August. To promote this, Jensen also created an advertisement related to Lord of the Rings actor Billy Boyd.

However, after getting information about this crypto token, Tolkien Estate took action against it. For this an appeal was made in WIPO. The estate argued that the token was infringing on the trademark rights associated with Tolkien’s name. Along with this, it was claimed that the domain name of this crypto token is giving internet users false information about their association with Tolkien and his work.

WIPO’s administrative panel said in its decision that the name was chosen deliberately because it could not be assumed that its creators were not aware of Tolkien’s popularity and his work. The aim of the creators was to use the popularity of their work to their advantage.

Tolkien Estate Solicitor Steven Maier said the Tolkien Estate is vigilant to prevent those taking advantage of JRR Tolkien’s name and the contents of his literary works without permission. This was a clear case of violation and the estate is happy that it has been able to stop it.

Peter Jackson was the director of Lord of the Rings, a film based on Tolkien’s novel. The film was well received and received many awards.

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