ACT launches night vision security camera in India, will be safe for Rs 2,249

Surveillance CCTV camera has been launched by ACT HomeCam. It acts as another layer in home security. The camera is easy to install. Works on Wi-Fi and comes at a very reasonable price. This camera pairs with the Google Play Store’s TP-Link Tapo app. This allows the user to get live footage of the house while sitting anywhere. The point to note here is that ACT HomeCam only works with the ACT network. Users can also put more than one home-cam unit in the house and can view all the footage on a single app.

ACT Homecam price in India, availability

ACT HomeCam comes with a price of Rs 2,249 without a subscription plan. The Home Surveillance System Camera also comes on monthly subscription of Rs 200 per month. At the same time, 500 rupees are taken as security deposit. This device is only available to ACT FiberNet subscribers through their official website and app.

ACT HomeCam features

ACT Fibernet has launched this homecam in partnership with TP-Link. It has a 2 megapixel HD camera recording 1080p. Also, a wide angle view of 110 degrees is available. It also has a Night Vision Infrared lens which can show a clear view up to 30 feet at night time. It can sense motion and senses any strange event. It has a microSD card slot that sports up to 128 GB of footage storage for up to 24 days. Users can set a schedule of recording and video playback as per their convenience. Along with this, this homecam also has a privacy mode which can also stop recording when needed.

More than one ACT HomeCam unit can also be installed in the house of this security camera. Through the Tapo app, different views of the recording can be viewed at the same time. It supports two-way conversation. This can be done by introducing the camera and pan tilt zoom (PTZ) feature. Where the user can rotate the camera up to 360 degrees and the lens up to 110 degrees. Also, its setup becomes very easy with the Tapo app. HomeCam connects to the home Wi-Fi so that the user can view the live feed from anywhere. ACT HomeCam only supports the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band.

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