Akshaya Tritiya 2021: Don’t worry about lockdown, buy gold online like this

Akshaya Tritiya 2021: Today is Akshaya Tritiya and like last year, this year also this festival is being celebrated in lockdown. Buying gold on this day is considered auspicious, so Hinduism has a tradition of buying gold. However the lockdown is strictly followed in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai as well as some other states and malls, markets and small shops are closed in all these states. However, the good thing is that now gold is not limited only to the offline market, but you can also buy gold online. Experts also say that in the coming few years, the price of gold will touch the sky, so it is also a good time for those who invest in gold.

How and where to buy gold online

As we said, now you can also buy gold online. Apps like Paytm, PhonePe, Amazon and Google Pay are giving gold a chance to buy from home. Here you can also buy gold of at least 1 rupee. Apart from this, these apps also give you the option to sell gold. You can have gold coins delivered at home through Paytm.

Although the method of buying gold is different in all these apps, but basically you can buy gold here according to the price or gram. You can also keep it in the form of digital gold, or as we mentioned some apps also allow this investment to be delivered to your home in the form of gold coins.

Along with the apps, some big companies are also offering some good offers on this occasion. The famous gold trading company Malabar Gold has pulled out a special offer for Akshaya Tritiya. The company is unable to sell gold in offline retail stores in many cities due to the lockdown, so the company has taken out a special offer. On this occasion, customers can book gold online at today’s Gold Price and take delivery of gold at the end of lockdown. Not only this, there is also an opportunity to get an extra cashback of five percent on the payment of SBI card today.

Kalyan Jewelers is also giving a similar opportunity. The company is giving a Gold Ownership Certificate, under which a customer can book at least 2 grams of gold at today’s rate. The company will give this certificate to these customers. Customers can redeem this certificate when the lockdown is over. The good thing is that even if the rate will be higher at that time, the rate will be charged today and if the price of gold is low, the customer will be able to buy gold at a lower price.

There are also many frauds related to gold online. In such a situation, if you are looking to buy gold, then we would advise you to do this through good and popular gold retail chains or popular apps. Also, before buying gold, do not forget to read all the terms of the company. Apart from the apps and companies we have mentioned, there are many other websites, which are offering good gold today.


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