Amazon Echo Show 10 launched with rotating display and 13 megapixel camera

Amazon Echo Show 10 has been introduced as the third generation variant of Echo Show, it was first launched in the year 2017. Amazon says that this is a complete re-imaging of Alexa, which has come with the screen and upgrades in every way. The Eco Show 10 is motorized based, whenever you interact with this device, it will automatically rotate and keep you in the frame. It will be available for purchase in The Color Option, besides it has a 13-megapixel camera that uses zoom and panning etc. to keep the user in the frame. Apart from this, Amazon also said that Netflix support will be introduced in the eco show device.

Amazon Echo Show 10 price

The new Echo Show 10 is priced at US $ 249.99 (approximately Rs 18,400), which will be available for purchase in two color options. There are two colors, Charcoal and Glacier White. Amazon has not even announced the sale date for the eco show 10, currently it is listed on the US website with the tag ‘coming soon’.

At the moment, it is also not clear whether Echo Show 10 will be introduced in the Indian market. The Echo Show 10 has been launched with the new Echo Dot (4th Gen), which has been listed on the Amazon India website and will go on sale from October 26.

Amazon Echo Show 10 specifications

In the Echo Show 10, Amazon has given a 10.1-inch Adaptive HD display, which moves along the user’s face. It has a brushless motor system, which helps the device rotate and track the object without any noise. This helps users to interact with Alexa via voice command. It has a 13-megapixel wide-angle camera, which will always keep you in the frame through zoom and panning. Due to the camera and display, you can also take advantage of video calls through Echo Show 10.

The Echo Show 10 comes equipped with a new AZ1 processor, which processes the speech faster and makes Alexa more responsive. It also has a physical camera shutter, which is used to turn it off. You can also turn off the motion by turning this off. Apart from this, you can also turn off the motion through voice command, for this you have to say “Alexa, turn off motion”.

According to Amazon, it has dual front-firing Twitter and woofer, which delivers directional sound so that the device automatically adapts to your location. The company has also announced Netflix support for the eco show device. This means that eco show users will now be able to stream Netflix content in addition to Hulu and Prime Video. However, no announcement has been made as to when the facility will start.

Apart from this, the Echo Show 10 can also be used as a security camera. When you are not at home, this device can detect other people present in the house with the help of panning at home and can send smart alerts. Through the Alexa app, you can access the live feed of the Echo Show 10 camera.

Amazon says that making the Eco Show 10 uses 30 percent post consumer recycled plastic, 100 percent post consumer recycled fabric and 100 percent post consumer recycled aluminum, including cables and adapters.


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