American company launched electric cycle, will run 96 km in single charge

American bike sharing company Lyft has introduced a new electric bicycle, which is a mix of modern and traditional design. Its specialty is its strong battery, due to which this electric cycle can be run up to 96.5 kilometers in a single charge. It has a 500 watt electric motor. The company has not yet shared information about the top speed of this electric bike. The company has kept the design similar to the traditional cycle, but at the same time made it attractive. The battery and all the cables are fitted inside the frame. Due to this, the design of this electric cycle looks very neat.

Lyft has shared many information about the new electric bike aka electric cycle in America through its blog. The new electric cycle has been designed in such a way that it retains the look of the traditional bicycle while looking modern. In this, the battery and other cables are set inside the middle frame. LED light is provided in the front and back. The best part is that its frame is covered with glow in the dark paint. In this way this cycle glows at night. This is very good for the safety of cyclists at night.

At present, not much information has been shared about its hardware specifications. According to the blog, the new electric cycle is powered by a 500W electric motor. Its battery can run the cycle up to 96.5 km in full charge. However, information about the battery capacity and its top-speed has not been shared. The rear wheel is fitted with hydraulically solid disc brakes. Apart from this, the new electric cycle comes equipped with several sensors, which share its data with the company. The company says that through this data it will be easy to maintain these cycles.

Lyft operates a bike sharing platform in the US. Just like Yulu, Pedl and Bounce work in India. Through this platform, people can rent electric cycles, mopeds or bikes for some time. The company’s portfolio already includes electric bikes, kick scooters, etc. The demand for this type of service is increasing all over the world. A Gizmochina report says that Lyft added 1.8 million new users last year.

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