Android 11 (Go Edition) release, 20 percent fast app launch experience

Google has also announced Android 11 (Go edition) just days after the regular Android 11 launch. This new update is the tone-down version of the latest Android release, designed for devices up to 2 GB RAM. However, the latest Android 11 (Go Edition) is not like the old Android 10 (Go Edition), which used to provide just 1.5 GB of RAM. In terms of performance, the new Android 11 (Go Edition) offers a 20 percent faster app launch experience compared to Android 10 (Go Edition).

Android 11 (Go edition) features

Google said in its blog post that Android 11 (Go edition) has made it easier for users to switch between apps by bringing the Faster App Launch Experience. Apart from this, the new Android 11 (Go Edition) has brought dedicated space for all messages in the notification section, which is called Conversation. This part was also brought to the Pixel phone through the regular Android 11 update.

Android 11 (Go Edition) comes with a one-time permissions feature, which allows you to access sensors such as microphones, cameras and locations. Apart from this, it has also brought auto-reset permission support feature. This feature is for apps that you have not used for a long time. Both these one time permission and auto reset feature are also present in regular Android 11.

Google has also introduced gesture based navigation support in Android 11 (Go Edition), which makes it easier to work on smartphones with large displays.

Let me tell you, Android 10 (Go edition) and earlier versions were designed for devices with 1.5 GB RAM, but the requirement of memory in Android 11 (Go edition) has been increased to 2 GB. Google informed that with the increase of 2 GB RAM, additional 270MB free memory is received. Additional free memory memory allows three to four apps to run in the back background.


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