Apple One, Apple TV + and Apple Arcade will be available in Apple One, this is the price of subscription in India

Apple One has been officially introduced, under which all iPhone services are provided to the users simultaneously. The company introduced the Apple One subscription during the event held on Tuesday, including Spotify competitor Apple Music, streaming video-on-demand platform Apple TV +, gaming subscription Apple Arcade, iCloud in cloud storage, Apple Fitness + for FitNet (this feature in India ), And Apple News + for news and magazine service (this feature is not available in India). The Apple One will be available in three different tires, the first being the Apple One Individual, priced at Rs 195 per month. The second Apple One Family, which costs Rs 365 per month and the third Apple One Premier, although this feature is not available in India.

Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 50GB iCloud storage are all part of Apple One Individual. If you upgrade to Apple One Family, you will get 200 GB of iCloud storage and all other benefits will be able to be used by 6 household members. Along with Apple One Premier, the iPhone maker company has also included Apple News +, Apple Fitness + and 2TB iCloud storage. While the first two tires are available in 100 countries including India, Premier is limited to Australia, Canada, UK and US only.

If you pay your Apple One subscription with Apple Card, you will get 3 percent cashback.

Let me tell you, separately Apple Music is priced at Rs 49 per month for students, while for Individual it is Rs 99 per month and for a family with 6 members it costs Rs 149. Apple TV + and Apple Arcade are priced at Rs 99 per month. The price of iCloud is Rs 75 per month which offers 50 GB of storage. At the same time, 200 GB storage is priced at Rs 219 per month and 2 TB storage is priced at Rs 749 per month.

All Apple One subscription bundles will be available worldwide from 2020 onwards.


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