Apple received 45 thousand iPhone SE for free on ordering, learn the full case

You may have often heard that due to online fraud or negligence, people get bricks, soap or something different inside the box when they order a smartphone, but you would be surprised to hear that a person gets Apple from an online grocery store. IPhone was found. The case is from London, where a 50-year-old Nick James, Nick James, ordered apples from the grocery store and was given a free iPhone SE with apples. Nick himself shared this information through his social media account.

50-year-old Nick James, who lives in London, has his Twitter handle Shared information on winning the Apple iPhone SE through the purchase of grocery. So far, we have been hearing reports of people getting stones, bricks or soap inside the box of the phone and a Londoner here won the iPhone when he bought an apple. Nick James received the iPhone SE as an online reward scheme run by the grocery store. Nick had asked for Apple from the UK-based super market chain Tesco, with which he won the scheme and got the iPhone SE for free.

In India, the iPhone SE starts at Rs 29,999 (on Flipkart) and its mid and top models are sold for Rs 34,999 and Rs 44,999 respectively.

Nick James also thanked the company for this great reward he received from Tesco through his tweet. He also shared information about the entire case. He told that when he went to take his order on Wednesday last week, he was given a surprise gift by Tesco and in this gift he got Apple iPhone SE. He says that when he saw the phone, he was not happy. It is definitely a pleasure to get an expensive iPhone when you buy Apple.


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