Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20: From the new ranking system to the season cycle, the developer gave all the details

Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched on the Android platform earlier this month. The renamed version of PUBG Mobile India has not yet been launched on the iOS platform, but before that game maker Krafton has announced that BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) players will get a new season. It is being called Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20. The developer has detailed all the new things and changes that come with the new season. The new season will bring ranking system, royal pass etc.

Krafton has confirmed on its official site that Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 19 will end two days later, on July 14. With BGMI Season 20, the ranking of Royal Pass will be changed. The rankings will be implemented as a cycle going forward and the three seasons will be combined as a single cycle. To implement the changes to the ranking season system, BGMI has already made a patch. Crafton says that extra rewards can be earned by continuously achieving the same level within a single cycle. When cycle one of the three seasons ends together, cycle 2 will begin. Each season in the first cycle will be numbered as C1S1, C1S2 and C1S3. Then in cycle 2, each season would be counted as C2S1, C2S2, C2S3, etc.

With Royal Pass Season 20, Krafton has revealed that each season will run on a monthly basis. So, instead of levying one Royal Pass for two months, Battlegrounds Mobile India will issue a separate Royale Pass every month. The new season cycle of BGMI will begin on July 14 at 7:30 am.

BGMI has told players that the Royal Pass will run on a per season basis. It cannot be used after the end of the season and has to be repurchased when the new season opens. When Royal Pass Season 19 ends, both the Royal Pass level and RP will be reset. BGMI players must claim all Royal Pass Season 19 Rewards before the end of the season by 05:29:59 PM on July 14th.


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