Biometric security layer linked on WhatsApp web, will be privacy and strong

WhatsApp has added another security layer to log-in and link apps to WhatsApp web and desktop. After this new change, before adding WhatsApp account to the computer, you will be asked for fingerprint or face id. After the addition of this new security layer, no one will be able to link your WhatsApp account to the computer in your absence. WhatsApp says that the face and fingerprint authentication process occurs on the user’s mobile phone and cannot access the store biometric information in the operating system of the WhatsApp handset.

The company has announced that the purpose of adding extra security layer to the mobile app is to prevent the use of WhatsApp on the desktop incorrectly. Before linking WhatsApp account in WhatsApp web or desktop app, users will be asked to use Face ID or Fingerprint Unlock on their phone. As soon as Done is clicked, users will be able to access the QR code from their phone, which will complete the process of linking their WhatsApp account in desktop and computer.

The app states that it does not store biometric information and by design it cannot access those details from the phone’s operating system. WhatsApp says that the new security layer will be rolled out in the coming week. In the coming weeks, a visual redesign will also be offered on the WhatsApp web page on the phone.

It is worth noting that WhatsApp has been in the news these days due to its new privacy policy, in which the app is forcing users to accept new terms. Those who do not accept the new WhatsApp policy, those people will not be able to use WhatsApp from February 8 onwards. There is a lot of resentment from this new decision of WhatsApp, due to which people have left WhatsApp and started adopting other messaging platforms, such as Signal and Telegram.

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