Call of Duty player was killed by the player of his team, said in the video …

A 19-year-old video gamer was brutally murdered and his 18-year-old gaming partner handed himself over to the police. The incident took place in Brazil, where a young man named Guilherme Alves killed Call of Duty eSports player Ingrid Oliveira at his home. After the murder, the accused surrendered themselves to the police and confessed to the murder when he murdered Ingrid while playing the game at his house.

Brazilian news outlet R7 reports that 18-year-old Guilherme Alves surrendered himself to police half an hour after killing his 19-year-old gaming partner. The incident is on Monday, 22 February. A video of the time of Alves’s arrest has also surfaced. In this video, the accused is handcuffed in the hands of the young man and he is seen laughing.

The report says that when the recordinger asked why he killed Oliveira, he said ‘because I wanted to.’, Which translates into Hindi, ‘because I wanted this.’ In this video of Alves, what he has spoken clearly shows that he did this murder in his senses and he has no sadness about it.

Alves had also produced a video, which he also uploaded to social media, when he confessed to the crime. He had said that he had been planning to carry out the incident for two weeks. In this video made after the murder, the accused says (translated) “Look how amazing.”

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