Demand to ban Battlegrounds Mobile India from PM Narendra Modi

Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly member Ninong Ering on Saturday wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) about PUBG Mobile India’s new avatar Battlegrounds Mobile India and demanded the game be banned. He says that this game is intended to deceive the government and citizens and it should be banned in the country. He alleged that game developer KRAFTON is circumventing Indian laws by launching a new game. The launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is yet to be confirmed, although the South Korean company has started pre-registrations of the game on the Google Play Store. The Battlegrounds Mobile India game is the renamed name of PUBG Mobile India, which the government banned in September last year with 117 other apps and games over data privacy concerns.

Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly member Ninong Ering wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) on Saturday and said that the Battlegrounds Mobile India game is just an illusion and that the old PUBG Mobile that comes with minor changes. The game itself is the game’s trick to collect user data of millions of Indian citizens including children and share it with foreign companies and the Chinese government. He also took a picture of his three-page letter on Twitter Post , Which was initially highlighted by IGN India in its report.

Following the PUBG Mobile ban by the government in September last year, KRAFTON took over the responsibilities of publishing the game in India from the Chinese company Tencent Games, although the company is still working as a publisher of the game in other countries. Ering said that most of the employees working on Crafton’s Indian team were former employees of Tencent Games, who were hired by Crafton in December and are working on the Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

He has also written that the URL of the game’s listing on the Google Play Store indicates its re-launch of PUBG Mobile India. The legislator also alleged that Nodwin Gaming, the company that recently received investment from KRAFTON, had extensive ties with Tencent. Citing news reports, he also said that Nodwin offered its service in Pakistan and the company also had a local team there.

He has said that the gameplay of this game, the maps and weapons involved will all be similar to PUBG Mobile. Erring believes that the game has only been renamed, but will be the same as before. He says that this is only a strategy to ease the relaunch in India. He says that even though the new privacy policy of the company says that the user data will be collected on the local server, the company says that it will be transferred to other countries due to service and legal requirements.

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