Dogecoin is the most popular in America, Bitcoin and Ether at number two and third!

According to research, Dogecoin tops the list of most Googled cryptocurrencies in the US. An analysis of Google Trends data showed that the states had the highest number of willing to invest in Dogecoin. These include the names of a total of 23 states, including Illinois, Florida, Hawaii and New Jersey. The growing interest in this coin is also contributed by Tesla owner Elon Musk, who has been showing support for DOGE and its rival SHIB from time to time.

This study was done by the financial research firm The Advisor Coach. In fact, in the month of October 2021, there were an average of 7 million searches for content about Dogecoin. The level of public interest in DOGE is much higher than the average for bitcoin and ether combined. That is, even if the popularity of both bitcoin and ether is combined, then Dodgecoin goes much further than that.

Bitcoin is second in popularity here. In which 10 states, including Connecticut, Alaska, Mississippi and New Hampshire, wanted to invest in bitcoin more than any other cryptocurrency. A total of eight states are looking to invest the most in ether, the third largest number in research. States willing to invest in Ethereum include Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia, and Ohio.

The Shiba Inu Mim Coin, which debuted just 15 months ago, has seen incredible gains over the past year, rising by over 14,000,000 percent. It is the most searched for cryptocurrencies in seven US states including California, New York, Texas and Nevada. Meanwhile, Lithium proved to be the most popular cryptocurrency in the state of Pennsylvania. Cardano also emerged as the most popular cryptocurrency in just one state – Colorado.

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