Domino’s large database containing personal information of Indian customers stolen, online sales are taking place

Data Breach has been installed in the data of Domino India and sensitive information such as customers’ names, phone numbers and credit card details are being sold on the dark web. According to the person selling the data, this includes information on about 18 crore orders received by Pizza Retail Chain. Reportedly, Domino’s India data was first stolen in April and not only contained customer information, but also the company’s internal files, which included information from the company’s 250 employees. The size of this database was 13TB. However, this information has not yet been confirmed.

Alon Gal, CTO of cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock, on Sunday about the Domino India Breach Tweet did. He said that the hacker was selling this data for 10 BTC, which currently costs about Rs 4.25 crore or $ 5,69,000.

The alleged hacked information claimed to contain 10 lakh credit card details. It has also been said that 18 crore order information has been stolen, which included the customer’s name, phone number, email ID, address and payment details. According to the screenshot shared by the cyber security executive, the database also includes internal files from Domino’s India, which were generated between 2015 and 2021.

According to the message posted on the Dark Web, the hacker has plans to build a search portal, which will be able to search for leaked data.

A spokesperson for Domino’s India has told Gadgets 360 that (translated) “Jubilant FoodWorks experienced a recent information security incident. No data related to a person’s financial information was accessed and the operation of the incident or There is no impact on the business. Under the policy we do not store our customers’ financial statements or credit cards, thus no such information has been compromised.

Our team of experts is investigating the case and we have taken necessary action to prevent the incident. “


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