Electric vehicle buyers will get benefit of lakhs from Maharashtra’s new EV policy, understand the complete policy…

Maharashtra is one of the first few states in the country to have formulated and implemented the FAME-II EV policy for electric vehicles. This policy was issued in February 2018. Through this policy, the government has tried to benefit both the manufacturer and the buyer, which not only helps startups and companies to make electric vehicles, but due to the benefits, more and more customers are turning to this segment. Step up However, even due to this policy, there was no significant increase in the demand for electric vehicles in the state. Somewhere it is also to blame for the poor charging infrastructure. But, now the state government has made changes in this existing EV policy for another expectation of increase in production and demand.

In Maharashtra EV Policy 2021, startups and companies as well as customers have been taken care of. The main objective of this policy is to accelerate the adoption of battery-powered electric vehicles, for which the government has also set a target of bringing 10 percent EVs by 2025. Taxi (Fleet Service) has also been taken care of in the policy. To boost this segment, the target is to bring 25 percent BEV to the market by 2025. Not only this, the Transport Department has already planned to make 15 percent of the existing buses electric.

Talking about the benefits of customers, the government is also talking with financial educational institutions and banks for easy loans and low interest rates. The maximum benefit for two wheelers and three wheelers has been fixed at Rs 10,000 and Rs 30,000 respectively. Similarly, the highest incentive for four wheelers is Rs 1.50 lakh. Customers will also be entitled to an early bird discount if they buy an automobile before December 31, 2021.

However, here once again it comes to the charging infrastructure, which has been addressed in this policy. The new policy says that a public charging station will be built within every 3 km radius in the state. If this step is taken quickly, then surely in the coming time a large number of people can turn to electric vehicles.

As per the policy, electrification of vehicles will be started in all the cities of the state in several phases and all government vehicles in big cities will be converted to electric from 2022.


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