Facebook Messenger changed the rules of forwarding messages, now at once …

Facebook Messenger has imposed a limit on the message forwarding process on its platform to prevent the dissemination of fake news on the lines of WhatsApp. Now you can forward one message to only 5 people and groups at a time. In the year 2018, Facebook brought a similar forwarding limit for WhatsApp in India, which was also expanded in the global market in January last year. However, in April, WhatsApp changed the rules for forwarding messages, announcing that now users can forward forwarded messages on a single chat at a time. Apart from this, the Messenger app has also recently brought a new privacy feature for iOS devices.

Since the forwarding limit in Messenger, you will now be able to forward any message to only five people and groups at a time. If you try to add more than five people to your forward list, the app will show you a notification that says “forwarding limit reached.”

Jay Sullivan, director of Product Management and Safety, Messenger Privacy, wrote in a blog post on Thursday, (translated) “Forwarding limit is an effective way to reduce the spread of viral misinformation and harmful content, such information to the real world Has the potential to cause harm. “

Let me tell you, information about this feature was first revealed in March, when it was on the stage of initial testing. But now Facebook has started rolling out the forwarding limit on Messenger. It will be released in Phase Manor.

In addition to the forward message limit, the WhatsApp team is also trying to place a limit on the frequency forward message on its platform. Last year, WhatsApp rolled out the label For Forwarded Messages for its Android and iOS apps. At the same time, in April this year, WhatsApp had imposed a limit on Frequent Forwarded Messages, under which users can send only one forwarded message to one person at a time.

Significantly, in July Facebook Messenger received an update with App Lock, in which users can use biometric fingerprint or facials feature to unlock the app.


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