Fire on the phone while walking in the road, watch video

You may have often heard of mobile phone fire incidents. One such recent incident has occurred in China, where a phone inside a man’s bag suddenly caught fire. According to a video posted by a news channel on Twitter, the fire burned the person’s hair, hands and eyelids. The person says that the phone belonged to Samsung, which he bought in 2016. However, many Twitter users say that the company cannot be blamed for the fire in the battery of such an old phone. One user says that due to an old phone, it may happen that the phone battery has swollen and it could be the reason for the fire.

A Twitter video by SCMP News can be seen that a man was walking on the sidewalk when a spark suddenly erupted in his side bag and caught fire. He unloaded his side bag and threw it down as soon as the fire broke out, but photographs shown in the video showed that the incident burned the person’s hair and eyelids and left a light burn mark on his arm as well. This person claims that the phone belonged to the Samsung company, which he bought in 2016. He also said that the phone’s battery was never replaced and the phone was not charging inside the bag when the fire occurred. The burnt phone is also shown at the end of the video, but it does not prove that the phone was actually from Samsung or any other.

Many users on Twitter have speculated that a bloated battery may have been the reason behind the fire. A Twitter user named Stoney (@tony_dsilva) says the cause of the fire may have been a bloated battery or it could be that the back panel of the phone did not close properly and any baggage kept in the phone’s interior. Have come in contact with the part.

Another user named Jackie Lan (@ jackielan2000) said that there is no need to take the name of the mobile company, as the phone was five years old and it is likely that its battery may have run out. The user said that the battery of his ZTE BA910 phone, purchased in 2017, swelled after 2 years.

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