Free Fire All-Stars Americas Tournament: This team won the game, got around Rs 7.5 lakh

The third and final day of the All Stars Americas 2021 tournament for the battle royale game Free Fire is over and we now have the winner of the tournament in front of us. The winning team of the tournament is Team Chimarrao of Brazil. The team has done exceptionally well in their final match. In return for this effort, the tournament winner has also received a prize money of $ 10,000 (approximately Rs 7.5 lakh). The team scored a total of 95 points by doing 47 kills and made their top position in the table. Team Pudim and Team Sancocho finished second and third respectively.

Free Fire announced the winners of the FFAS 2021 tournament via their official social media channels. You can watch the highlights of these matches here. Team Pudin was the champion of ‘America Bomb & Clash Squad’. The top team scored a total of 95 points by doing 47 kills and the second placed team Pudim scored 74 points. At the same time, Team Sancocho came in third place with 57 points.

LATAM’s Team Sancocho won the first Classic Bermuda map in the finals. The team did 9 kills in this match. After this Team Tapioca also took second place with 9 kills and finally Team Pudim. The team achieved 8 kills. Team Chimarrao won the second match in Kalahari Map. The team achieved a total of 12 kills.

After this, in the third match, Team Pudin topped the points table with 12 kills, while Team Tapioca and Team Pudim again finished second and third respectively. Team Chimarrao won the fourth match with 12 kills and Team Pudim finished second with 11 kills.

Team Chimarrao finished in third place with 6 kills in the fifth match, but in the sixth and last match this team achieved 11 kills, due to which this team took the top position on the basis of total kills. The full score table can be seen below.

  1. Team Chimarrao – 94 points
  2. Team Pudim – 74 points
  3. Team Sancocho – 57 points
  4. Team Pastel – 55 points
  5. Team Acai – 54 points
  6. Team Tapioca – 48 points
  7. Team Hotdog – 45 points
  8. Team Taco – 41 points
  9. Team Acaraje – 34 points
  10. Team Alfajor – 34 points

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