Gorogo is coming to India after making a splash in Taiwan in the electric two-wheeler segment, a partnership with Hero

Taiwan’s electric mobility company Gogoro has tied up with Indian two-wheeler manufacturer Hero MotorCorp to launch its electric scooters and battery technology in India. The two companies have announced this partnership through their social media accounts. Gogoro is known for electric scooters and swappable battery systems in its domestic market. Now in India, Hero MotoCorp will make electric scooters based on the technology of Gorogo. Not only this, Hero will also open battery-swapping stations of Gorogo in India.

Hero Moto Corp launched its Twitter handle But announced a partnership with Taiwanese electric mobility company Gorogo, which Gorogo also announced Twitter handle Shared on. The two companies have partnered to take forward e-mobility in India, under which, based on Gorogo’s technology, Hero will set up electric scooters and battery swapping stations in the country. India has a lot of potential to move forward in the electric mobility segment, but the segment in the country is grappling with a lack of charging infrastructure. In such a situation, swappable battery stations can give a new direction to the electric two-wheeler segment in India.

The biggest drawback of electric two-wheelers is their range and charging time. In a station designed to swap the battery, the user can put his or her expired battery in the charging machine and put other full charge battery in the scooter. This saves the time of charging and reduces the fear of running out of batteries in the minds of people. If this infrastructure is well established in India, then people will certainly be expected to increase their trust in electric two-wheelers.

Gogoro says that the company has installed 2,000 battery swapping stations in its domestic market, through which about 2,65,000 batteries are replaced daily. It is a bit difficult for newcomers in India to set foot and especially if the company is based entirely on electric mobility, but a partnership with Indian company Hero, which rules the two-wheeler segment around the world, gave Gorogo a good start. Can.

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