Government of India warns WhatsApp: Withdraw new privacy policy …

WhatsApp has once again lost its privacy policy. The Facebook-owned company has been asked by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to withdraw its new privacy policy. The ministry has sent a letter to WhatsApp. It has also been seen by NDTV. In this letter, the message has been sent to the instant messaging app. Accordingly, MeitY believes that the changes in Privacy Policy of WhatsApp and the way it is implemented undermine the sacred values ​​of information privacy, data security and user will. It is a violation of the rights and interests of Indian citizens. The government has given WhatsApp 7 days to give its response in the context of this letter. If no satisfactory response is received from WhatsApp, then necessary steps will be taken in accordance with the law, it has been written in the letter.

In the May 18 contact with WhatsApp, the ministry had again told this messaging platform to withdraw its 2021 privacy policy.

In this message, the government tried to draw the attention of WhatsApp to how its new privacy policy violates many provisions of the existing Indian laws and regulations.

While playing its sovereign responsibility to protect the rights and interests of Indian citizens, the government will look into other options for this which are within the purview of Indian laws.

The ministry has also strongly raised the issue of discriminatory behavior between Indian users and European users done by WhatsApp. It states, “As you know this well, a lot of Indian citizens depend on WhatsApp in their everyday lives to get in touch. It is not only skeptical but also irresponsible that WhatsApp is in its unfair terms and conditions. Take advantage of its position to enforce. Especially those rules which show a distinction between the users of Europe and the Indian users. “

It is also necessary to mention here that WhatsApp has been reprimanded many times for sharing data from its parent company Facebook. The letter also states that WhatsApp has officially suspended its new privacy policy till May 15, 2021.

However, the ministry says that the postponement of the policy does not exempt WhatsApp from respecting the confidentiality, data security and user will of Indian users’ information.

It also emphasizes that changes in privacy policy and the implementation of these changes in the form of FAQs violate the privacy of users’ information, data security and user’s will.
In the Delhi High Court too, the Ministry has put the same aspect where the matter is under consideration and from where this letter has been issued.
Update- WhatsApp spoke to Gadgets 360 and gave the following statement:
“We are constantly talking to the government about this and reaffirm the statement we have made earlier that this update will not affect the privacy of any individual’s private messages.
Our goal is to make people aware of all the options we are working on, to send business messages on WhatsApp, which people will have in the future as well. Majority of the people have also accepted the new rules of services. We encourage those who have not yet had a chance to do so. On May 15, neither an account has been deleted nor the functioning of WhatsApp has been affected. We will keep reminding people about this for the next few weeks. We are thankful that WhatsApp is playing such an important role in people’s lives. We will continue to take advantage of such opportunities even further when we are able to tell people how we protect their private messages and confidential information. “


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