Government’s new guideline will be tightened on all social media and OTT platforms, from Facebook, Twitter to Netflix

To curb the OTT platform and digital content, the Indian government has enacted new rules and laws. The government says that if social media platforms want to do business in India, they have to follow these rules and laws. Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has clearly stated that social media can do business in India, but his double standard will not work. Let us know that recently the Supreme Court also said that the implementation of new guidelines for fake news and social media platforms is necessary. Today, billions of people from every category, from children to senior citizens, are using social media. In such a situation, many wrong elements affect the people using these platforms.

The new rules laws have not been made by the Government of India only for social media platforms, but there have also been attempts to rein in OTT platforms. Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has shared the details of all these rules and laws through a press conference. Now because the guidelines get complicated many times. So, here we are telling you all these guidelines in easy language.

New guidelines for social media, OTT platforms

The government says that social media companies will have to create a grievance mechanism and address problems within 15 days. Apart from this, companies have to keep telling them how many complaints are coming and how they have been resolved. The details of who has done Khurafat will also have to be shared.

If Khurafat has originated from outside India, then it has to be told who started it.

Social media companies are ordered that any objectionable content must be removed within 24 hours and after this, they will also have to give information about the disposal of the total complaints received every month.

Who has spread the rumor, the social media company will also share its information with the government. The government has taken a strong stand on rumors being blown in matters like India’s sovereignty, security, foreign relations and rape.

The government says that social media platforms will have to deploy special officers for grievances. Companies will also have to deploy a Nodal Officer as well as a Resident Greaves Officer.

If there is a mistake with the digital platform, then just like electronic media, these platforms also have to publish an apology for the mistake.

The OTT platform and digital media are mandated to share information about their work with the government. This will also include a way to prepare their content.

Companies will have to implement self regulation, for which a body will also be established. This body will be headed by a retired Supreme Court Judge or some other person.

Explain that all these rules and laws will come into force in the next three months.


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