If you use Crypto Wallet, then be careful!

A new research by Check Point Research (CPR) has warned that the new Google Ads scam is stealing crypto wallets. This new scam has enabled illegal operatives to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency in the past week. According to the report, scammers are placing ads at the top of Google Search, imitating popular wallet brands such as Phantom and MetaMask, to trick users into giving their wallet passphrase and private key. Check Point Research estimates that in just a few days, crypto worth more than $ 50000 (about Rs 3.72 crore) has been stolen.

In a new blog post, Check Point Research has reported that attackers are using Google Search as an attack vector to target victims’ crypto wallets. It has also been found that hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of crypto were stolen from wallets by scammers. To lure victims, scammers placed Google Ads at the top of Google searches, mimicking popular wallets and platforms such as Phantom App, MetaMask and Pancake Swap. Each ad contains a malicious link which, once clicked, sends the victim to a phishing website. This website is a copy of the brand and messaging of the original wallet website. The research states that it was through these websites that scammers tricked the victims into revealing their wallet passwords and acted as a platform to steal wallets.

Check Point Research has asked the crypto community to be on high alert. The official domain of “phantom.app” has several phishing variants such as phanton.app or phantonn.app. It has been said in the report that he has found 11 such wallets, which have been cheated. Each of these includes cryptos ranging from $1,000 (approximately Rs 74,400) to $10,000 (approximately Rs 7,74,000). It is estimated that over $500,000 (about Rs 3.72 crore) was stolen last week.

To keep their crypto wallet safe from phishing sites, users should carefully examine the browser link and check the extension icon. It has also been advised that users should not share their passphrase with anyone. Also, skip the ads in Google search and always choose the top few websites in the results.

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