In the new year, this company gave free PS5, Apple iPhones and many expensive gadgets to its employees

2020 did not go down well for the whole world, but withstanding this bad year proved to be extremely good for the employees of MiHoYo, a Chinese gaming company. The developer of the highly popular game Genshin Impact has gifted its employees many premium tech gadgets in the new year. Many expensive gifts including PS5, Apple iPhones, Macbook, Nintendo Switch were taken to the employees through lottery system. Let us know that in September last year, the company launched a game named Genshin Impact, the mobile version of which allegedly earned $ 400 million or about Rs 292 crore in just two months. It seems that this success is also a reason behind these expensive gifts.

MiHoYo gave information about sharing these gifts in the new year through his Weibo account and Facebook account. The company congratulated its employees for the successful passing of 2020. The post also shared photos of the gifts. These include thousands of boxes of PS5, Apple iPhones, graphics cards and Nintendo Switch. Significantly, these gifts are distributed through a lottery system. The boxes show that the company has distributed the new iPhone 12 series phones to the employees.

Let us know that PS5 has been launched in India at an initial price of Rs 39,990. The initial price of iPhone 12 Series in India is Rs 69,900. At the same time, Nintendo Switch is often sold at Amazon for Rs 33,999. The starting price of the new Macbook series in India is Rs 92,900.

A report by Gamerant states that the mobile version of MiHoYo’s new and highly popular game Genshin Impact grossed $ 400 million (around Rs 292 crore in India) within just two months of its launch. Launched in September, the game gained tremendous popularity as it arrived. Although this game is absolutely free to play, but it has to pay money to unlock many attractive and powerful characters. This can also be a reason behind the employees receiving such expensive gifts in the New Year celebration.

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