Indian number 1 in online fraud victims, it is easier to target men

Every year millions of people are online frauds and most of these people are victims of frauds in the name of customer service. To protect their customers from such scams, many companies have started using chatbots based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), but despite this, customers are still falling prey to tech support scams (fraud). Its precise and detailed information is given in the 2021 Global Tech Support Scam Research Report released by Microsoft, according to which three out of five users have been targeted by tech support scammers in the last 12 months. Let us know about it in detail.

Earlier this week, Microsoft released its 2021 Global Tech Support Scam Research Report, in which the company has provided all the information about fraud in the name of tech support. The report says that Indian customers were the biggest victims of online fraud in the last 12 months. This rate is 69 percent, which is the same as in 2018, when the rate was 70 percent. This means that India is still where it was two or three years ago when it comes to online tech support fraud. In its report, the company also gave information about online fraud taking place at the global level. According to the report, this year globally, fraud fell by 5 percent to 59 percent.

Three times more Indian customers were found to be engaging in protracted conversations with scammers than the global average. Whereas, customers in Japan fared the best globally, with only 5% of those surveyed continuing to interact with scammers.

Microsoft reported that they receive about 6,500 complaints globally every month from victims of tech support scams. Based on these complaints, one in 10 Millennials (people from the 21st century) and one in 10 Zhen Zhi (people from the 90s to the early 20th century) have faced a scam and got caught. Sharing email addresses in exchange for content, along with risky online activities, are some of the reasons scammers easily target victims.

If you are a man, it is more important for you to know that 73% of men who interacted with fraudsters in India were likely to lose money. Whereas in comparison only 27% of women came in the talk of scammers. In India, in the year 2021, those who dumped money in such frauds lost an average of Rs 15,334. However, 88% of those who dumped money this way managed to get some money back and got an average of Rs 10,797 back. Of this figure, 43% went through bank transfer, which is considered the most common mode of payment by Indians. Another 38% paid by gift card, 32% by credit card, 32% by payment gateway Paypal and the remaining 25% by Bitcoin.

Microsoft has also left some tips for people to avoid online fraud in this research report. People have been advised not to immediately trust pop-up messages that appear on their computers. Apart from this, it has also been advised not to call the number appearing in the pop-up and not to click on the link present in it. The company says that people should download the software only from the company’s official website or Microsoft Store. In addition, if the user believes that he has been fraudulent, he should immediately report it on the scam reporting page.


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