Is there Pegasus Spyware in your iPhone? Now this app will tell…

Pegasus spyware can now be detected on iPhone without coding knowledge using a free tool. Geneva, Switzerland-based DigiDNA has updated its iOS device manager iMazing with a spyware detection feature that can be used to locate Pegasus. The company designed the feature using Amnesty’s Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) as a reference. The tool can be installed on Mac or Windows PC to let you know if your iPhone was tampered with by Pegasus. The spyware was reportedly used by governments in various parts of the world, including India, to spy on activists and journalists.

The spyware detection feature is available as a part of iMazing 2.14. It uses the same list of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) compiled by Amnesty International’s Safety Lab to help people detect Pegasus infections on their devices. Some privacy experts praised the new tool for how user-friendly it is compared to earlier methods.

Although the chances are quite low that you will be affected by spyware if you are not well known anyone can use iMazing on your computer to find out if Pegasus has infected their iPhone. You can download the tool for free from the iMazing website on your Mac or Windows PC.

DigiDNA CEO Gregorio Zanone said in a blog post that the spyware detection feature is built on the methodology of MVT that Amnesty International released as an open-source development last month – after disclosing news of a military-grade spyware attack. Soon after, the public was shocked. However, unlike the original toolkit that requires command line knowledge and some coding skills, you can use iMazing even if you don’t have technical expertise.

It is important to note that the iMazing offering is specifically designed for devices based on iOS and is not available for Android phones. It also lacks support for analyzing file system dumps from jailbroken devices.

How to detect Pegasus spyware on an iPhone using iMazing
To get started with the steps on how you can detect the presence of Pegasus spyware on your iPhone, you’ll first need to have the latest version of iMazing installed on your Mac or Windows machine. The spyware detection feature is also available for those using iMazing as part of its free trial. However, the software is available as a freemium and requires a license fee to unlock all its features.

  1. Once you have installed iMazing 2.14 or later on your computer, click Continue Trial when prompted for the first time.
  2. You can now connect your iPhone to your computer using a Lightning cable to detect Pegasus spyware.
  3. Now, you will see the major options available under Free Trial on the right hand side. Scroll down through those options and Detect Spyware Select the
  4. A new window will now open to guide you through the process. Getting Started With Spyware Detection Tools Next Press the button.
  5. The iMazing app will now ask you to download the latest Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX) file from the server.
  6. After the download is complete, the app will ask you to create a local backup of your iPhone data for analysis. it you Backup Encryption Will also ask to enable. This will password-protect your backup. You should store the password for future reference.
  7. iMazing will now start backing up your data. You don’t need to do anything manually on your part as the app will automate the backup task.
  8. Once the backup process is over, iMazing will decrypt the data and analyze the files for Pegasus spyware.
  9. Then it will show you the result – Was spyware applied to infect your device. You will see the number of warnings and the total number of logs. The app will let you open the full report in Excel to view the warnings.

We noticed that iMazing took about half an hour for the backup to be ready, although the analysis part didn’t take more than five to 10 minutes. In our testing, we got two warnings, but they were due to some parse errors.
DigiDNA advises users to reach out to their customer support team for further analysis. This will help in avoiding false positive cases. The company also suggests that if you have received a positive report and you or your family members are active in a “politically sensitive context”, you should immediately remove your SIM card and turn off your iPhone.


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