JBL Launches 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers in India, Learn Price

JBL Boombox 2, JBL Go 3, JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth speakers have been launched in India on Thursday, which have been introduced as successors to the JBL Boombox, JBL Go 2 and JBL Clip 3 respectively. The company says that it will offer different features and upgrades compared to its previous versions. The JBL Go 2 and JBL Clip 4 have a slightly different design than the older version, while the design of the JBL Boombom 2 is similar to its previous version.

JBL Boombox 2, JBL Go 3, JBL Clip 4: Price in India, availability

The JBL Boombox 2 is priced at Rs 33,999, which comes in a single black color option. The JBL Go 3 is priced at Rs 3,999 and comes in Black, Blue and Red colors. JBL Clip 4 is priced at Rs 4,499 and comes in many color options like Black, Blue, Red, Ping and Black / Orange, Blue / Pink. All three Bluetooth speakers are available for purchase on the JBL India website. Apart from this, you can also buy these at online and offline outlets.

JBL Boombox 2 is currently listed at Rs 31,999 on the JBL website. Apart from this, JBL Go 3 is listed with Rs 2,999 and JBL Clip 4 with Rs 3,999.

JBL Boombox 2 specifications, features

Boombox 2 comes with 80 W output in AC mode and 60 W in battery mode. Its frequency response range is from 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz and JBL says that it can be used up to 24 hours on a single charge. The JBL Boombom 2 has a 10,000 mAh battery, which charges in 6.5 hours. It has Bluetooth connectivity, IPX7 rated and 3.5mm audio jack. The Boombox 2 can also be used as a power bank to charge another device. Its dimensions are 485x201x257mm and the weight is 5.9 grams.

JBL Go 3 specifications, features

JBL Go 3 has 4.2 Watt output and it has been claimed that its maximum playtime is up to 5 hours. Its charging time is 2.5 hours via USB Type-C port. JBL Go 3 comes with Bluetooth 5.1 and IP67 water resistance for connectivity. It also has an auto-power off feature.

JBL Clip 4 specifications, features

The JBL Clip 4 has 40mm drivers, which deliver an output of 5 watts. Its frequency response range is from 100 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Apart from this, it comes with Bluetooth 5.1 and 3.885Whr battery, which is said to charge in three hours. Clip 4 has been told that it will give up to 10 hours of music playtime.


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