Karakin map came to PUBG Mobile, learn all about this map

Karakin Map has come to PUBG Mobile. This is the sixth map of PUBG Mobile. With this map going live, the developers have temporarily made the Vikendi map offline. However the developers have not shared the reason behind this. The new Karakin map has been a part of PUBG PC since February last year and is also liked by a large number of players. The map is small and matches in it also end in a short time. The small size of the map and the landing of a small number of players make the match in it exciting. If you do not already know about Karakin Map, you can get all the information related to it here.

PUBG Mobile Karakin Map Details

PUBG PC’s favorite Karakin map is now available globally for PUBG Mobile players. The new map is available at version 1.3. The size of the Karakin map is 2×2. It is as small and exciting as the Livik Map. There are dry plateaus without vegetation in this map, as well as ruined buildings and bunkers. In this sixth map of PUBG Mobile, 65 players land. This map will also have a long range battle like Miramar.

The biggest feature of the map is the Demolition Zone. It is a zone in which a siren suddenly starts bombarding the sky after the ringing. This is different from other maps on the Red Zone, as these bombs destroy buildings. In such a situation, even if the player is hidden inside the building, his death is certain. Sticky bombs will also be found in the new Karakin map, which cling to the walls and break them. They also help expose the players hidden behind the walls. With this bomb, players can access the secret location or bunker in the building. Bullets in the Karakin map can also pass through thin walls, which is dangerous for campers.

Due to the smaller size and fewer players, as well as the demolition zone in the game, the matches in this map will be quite exciting. In this, players will have to constantly change their strategies. The time of the match will also be short, so it will be good for players who want to pass the time without spending too much time in the game.

Players will also get some new weapons in PUBG Mobile’s new Karakin map. These include a Panzerfaust rocket launcher and another Mosin Nagant sniper rifle. This rifle works like Kar98 and is equally dangerous.

Unfortunately Indian fans will not be able to play it officially and legally, as PUBG Mobile is banned (Ban) in India from September 2020. Krafton has been trying to bring the game back to India for some time now. The developers had also announced a special PUBG Mobile India game for India, but there is no clarity about its release. On the one hand, Krafton India is withdrawing large positions for the operation, on the other hand the Government of India is still strict about the game. A few weeks ago, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar cited PUBG Mobile as an example of violent and habit-forming games.

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