Mahindra e2o electric car has a range of 110 km to 350 km, know how

Mahindra launched its first electric car Reva many years ago and after that the same upgrade was launched as e2o. However, the car’s sales records were not good and neither did it get much popularity, due to which Mahindra stopped the production of the car. The e2o electric car was economical, but its biggest drawback was the range. According to the company, the high-range variant of the Mahindra e2o electric car offered a range of 140KM in full charge, while its 11kWh battery pack was capable of taking out a range of 110KM on a single charge. Now, an EV R&D facility group has managed to double the range of this car. Like this? Let’s know

Now according to automobile website Ruslane, Norway Motorsport, a R&D group based on Pune-based electric vehicles, has managed to expand the range of the car to 350KM. Hemant Dabhade has also shared the video of range testing on YouTube. The video shows that the 11kWh battery pack variant of the Mahindra e2o has been used for this test. The car has an additional 17kWh battery pack installed in addition to the existing battery pack, which is fitted in the boot of the car. In this way, the team managed to make a total of 28kWh of battery capacity.

This total capacity has also been tested in the video. For this, the car was run on the road. A camera was also placed in front of the instrument cluster, in which the speed and total travel range of the car can be seen. The AC (air conditioner) of the car was kept off during the entire journey. The video is cut after 139KM. By 139KM, 56 percent battery was left. After the video is cut, the video shows a picture of the instrumental cluster, in which the trip range can be seen 350KM and the battery was also left 4 percent.

As we said, Mahindra has now discontinued the sale of e2o. The company launched this car in three trims. The car runs on a three-phase AC induction motor and generates a peak torque of 70Nm with a maximum power of 26bhp. It has a top speed of 80Kmph and can hold a speed of 60Kmph (kilometers per hour) in 14.1 seconds.

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