Many Google services, including YouTube, Gmail, have been suspended for a long time, users are reporting

Google suffered an outage in India and many other countries, as most of its services and apps had come to a standstill until recently. Google Contacts, Docs, Drive, Gmail, YouTube etc. stopped working for some time. These services were giving error messages in India and some other countries, including Europe and America. Recall that at the beginning of last month YouTube was stalled for a few hours and it appears that the video streaming platform once again had the biggest impact of the outage.

According to Downdetector, YouTube suffered the most outage of the outage, with more than 24,000 complaints reported at 5:42 pm. On the other hand, Gmail was reported more than 11,000 times during the same time. Google Drive and Google website have been reported more than 400 and 15,000 times on Downdetector respectively.

The message ‘something went wrong’ is visible when you open the YouTube homepage. YouTube has tweeted that the service is indeed experiencing problems and has been fixed. The Google Workspace Status Dashboard also shows that most of Google’s apps and services such as Calender, Sheets, Meet and Voice are experiencing issues. Services are slowly being restored, as YouTube was working well for some users when updating this news, but still not for everyone.

So far, no statement has been issued by Google regarding the reason for the outage.


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